Day 2.1 Nancy – Karlsruhe


I was so keen to get beer and food that I missed some important detail of today’s events.

Firstly, Robert Hummel is riding the oldest Draisine which is normally on display at his Club, and has been lent to him for this ride. His is the only machine with just iron tyres and no rubber to soften the vibrations, but the wood is so old it needs feeding daily with copious quantities of water:

The President of the IVCA was riding strong today enjoying the canal tow paths and wonderful scenery en route.

Satisfaction at the end of another day on the saddle!

We knew we were in Alsace when we saw the Storks nesting as we entered Sarrebourg:

Storks reclaiming their nest after returning from as far away as South Africa each year.

Not to embarrass him, but our leader Glen Norclif entertained us with a fall will crossing a ford on his Draisine! We had no warning so cameras were not at the ready, but Sabrina patched him up later on the couch:

The Canadian patient after a self inflicted tumble while riding across a ford

There is nervous anticipation in the group tonight because tomorrow is our longest day! Ahead we have 50+kms of route and we hope the last 2 days will have been good training! In reality, we are all feeling slightly tender in certain places and hope that they will withstand the extra pressure and the legs will keep striding forward.

En Marche!

Stuart and the gang!