Day 3 Nancy – Karlsruhe


WOW! These machines, invented in 1817, are amazing! They could catch on as the latest method of transport with no pedals, chains, gears or brakes to go wrong, just an uncomfortable saddle to adapt to! Today we rode 54 kms in 5hrs 12 mins so an average of 10.3kmph! Just one technical when Bruno’s rear forks worked loose but Alain managed to fix it with his drill and a few screws.

A magnificent route along both old and working canals with plenty of locks which were mostly in our favour. Great weather, good company, excellent support from our team of followers and a warm welcome at the finish from the Mayor and community of Waltenhein sur Zorn.

I have some good pics and video but the wifi is so slow in our hotel that I haven’t been able to upload them – so hopefully I can add them tomorrow.

So we are well over halfway to Karlsruhe now, and tomorrow’s 46 kms should be achievable. There is an air of confidence amongst the runners despite our increasingly delicate undercarriage!

We are a little frustrated that M Macron has stolen the name of our Draisine club –

En Marche!