Suited and booted and ready to ride


Draisines in Place Stanislas, Nancy

Our group of Draisine riders from France, Germany, Belgium, Holland, the Czech Republic, Canada, America, Japan, Ireland and me from the UK, arrived in Nancy yesterday ready for our historic ride of 250kms to Karlsruhe, with plenty of nervous anticipation!

We met the in the Place Stanislas, a magnificent square where the Baron von Drais demonstrated his new invention in 1817 – just 200 years ago, and the very start of all cycling!

So just a few hours before we set off on our adventure towards the birthplace of the Baron. Hopefully the training rides on Southampton Common will have prepared me for what lies ahead! At least the weather forecast looks good for us as our machines develop a mind of their own on wet roads.

Thank you to all who have helped prepare both me and my machine, and especially thank you to my generous sponsors for Cancer Research UK. I is not too late if you would like to visit www.justgiving/Stuart-mason-elliott7

Tally HO!